Rugs are a special part of the interior, which gives it a finished and beautiful look. They are not just being spread on the floor – they create a cosy, exquisite and friendly atmosphere.

Some rugs are so rare finds that are too precious to adorn the floor. We put them on the walls and hanging them there plays an important role in improving the style and beauty of the room.

Whatever we may say, carpets and rugs are an essential part of any room, regardless of where and how we position them. Therefore they should be always clean, and their maintenance must be serious if we want to enjoy them longer. Even those rugs which decorate the walls are not protected from contamination and they also require attention. We must be most cautious and careful especially to them, because they’re usually more valuable than others. We all know professional cleaning services are highly recommended to clean those precious carpets.

Our team could handle with any type of rugs. We are known for many years due to the trust we have established with our clients and for good reason.

Steam cleaning for Rugs

Rug-cleaning-small-Cleaning of valuable and rare carpets is a responsible task. The method and products must be so carefully selected and applied that the colours and the strength of the carpet would not get impacted. Such a challenge is not to be underrated, but we at OneUp Clean take it seriously and handle it incredibly well, thanks to the method of steam cleaning.

We trust the technology for virtually all types of fabrics and textiles by ensuring the integrity. Another reason to choose exactly this method is that after cleaning nothing is damaged in any way. On the contrary – after the steam takes dust and dirt, the colours of the carpet become vibrant.

These are not all the advantages of the method of cleaning rare carpets using steam. Here is what other “bonuses” are waiting for you:

  • Guaranteed professional sanitation with the most modern equipment and technology
  • Use eco-friendly products – there are no risks for the occurrence of allergies in children or inflicting harm on pets. Therefore, during the  cleaning process, Oriental rugs are not required to be relocated, and sanitation can be performed where they are positioned.
  • Removed intrusive odour that is settled over time

Note that the best plan for cleaning your oriental rug will be selected depending on its type, shape and size, the degree of contamination. Undoubtedly our specialists at OneUp Clean will take a very responsible approach to each carpet taking into account the exact material and whether it is long or short haired.

Ultimately, the result of your oriental rug cleaning will be as follows – you’ll get your carpet very clean and deodorized.There will be no trace of dirt, bacteria and mould. And the colours… they will be like brand new.

When it comes to carpet cleaning in London, One Up Clean stands out from the crowd. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing our professional services: